When the world was falling apart due to COVID, DUNZ partnered with Abhisarika Holidays Pvt. Ltd. to develop health and immunity with the brand of organic vegetable and fruit juices and shakes.

With such candid qualities, AwsmFresh is the product of DUNZ’s dear old client’s mind which considered the freshness of Assam to boost human health. To give the desired podium, the creative partner DUNZ created its name, associating freshness with Assam, it’s brand identity, an official website to bring the world close and marketing collateral for mass level information. With all its ingenuity AwsmFresh is now a Grocery Store at Guwahati (Assam) and also a Fruit & Organic Drink Brand in Northeast Idia.




Branding & Identity, Graphics & Digital Marketing, Interactive Design & Website


June 19, 2021

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