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Operating in over 45 countries for over six decades Ruby Mica is producing superior mica-based electro-thermal materials. It has fully equipped with a state of the art facilities, producing the right products for the right people. Over the countries, it has built many clients as well. The organization strongly backs innovation in its products. The company has made its way to both the government and private players. This has let the company develop a plethora of products to meet the demands or requirements of clients across the world.

Power of Human Imagination

As the company is developing a number of premium products in it a fully equipped laboratory and distributing to different countries through different ancillary industries, it is important to develop a platform, where all the stakeholders can come together and run the business seamlessly.

Engineering a New Tomorrow

To address this requirement the company sought the professional services of its creative agency, Net Dunes. To solve this the agency has developed the official website of the company. Along with the information of the company, it has also projected the details of the products so that the interested buyer or seller can take an informed decision. The website also publishes the related news on the podium, where the global stakeholders can seamlessly come together. Here the small producers can contact the main company to produce the end product for the clients across the world.

Developed to Contribute

  • Net Dunes has developed the website for Ruby Mica, which helped all the stakeholders to come together and run the business effortlessly from any part of the world.
  • The agency has developed a kind of online platform, where it keeps the stakeholders abreast with the related news.
  • It disseminates the detail information of the products to the stakeholders across the world.

Interactive Design & Website


February 1, 2021

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