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New social adaptations and inventive technologies have transformed the world we live in. We at Net Dunes have realized that this makes brands more serious and important. And, we make brands with purpose that are future-fit. Together, with the patrons, we make amazing experiences that help elevate the brands of the companies. Many futuristic brands are walking with us for over decades for our creativity and action-driven propositions and designs.
About Us

We Are Awesome

We’re a dedicated milieu of writers, designers, strategists, specialists, and developers sharing a common interest in sustainable brand designs. One may bank on Net Dunes versatile experience, commitment, and passion for the projects and clientele. We harbour a long-standing partnership with visionary brands with integrity, quality and value. We can always discuss with you the projects over a cup of coffee and see how remarkably we can steer your business goals towards profit.

What We Do

Creative & Digital

We always highlight the power of good designs that connects people with the brands expressively. However, one needs to hindsight the criticality of strategic thinking that drives ROI to our clients through the projects. Our pool of talent takes the informed decision while keeping alive differentiation in different thoughts in the group and propelling different cultures to different brands. By bringing together Dunz, the strategic branding wing and the design studio of the mother company Net Dunes, coupled with revolutionary technology, the agency is helping its clients to transform their businesses across the world.

Building sustainable brands for the ever-changing future.

We focus on the branding on everything we do as it is the core of any project. Every design to the proposal and every detail to the decision is consciously built around our clients’ brand to bolster them.

Work to inspire to work with us

To inspire others, we need to know and understand every project and document every step to showcase the knowledge of minute details and advance the skill of the brands through campaign themes.

Thinking, discussing, involving to stay ahead of the moving target

We’re developing challenging to draw runner to hold up the spirit of the brands. We prove our knowledge by learning its challenges by motivating the features of the projects and adopting them in life.

Banking on interactivity

In today’s digital age digital presence at different spaces is often a brand’s most important introduction to its audience. We create various brand presence in digital places to fit different interactive ways to make the brand important.

Timeless UI Design

We approve the design process through multiple creative directions. We conduct series approval rounds, where we go back to the sketch table whenever it doesn’t meet the requirement before we select the final design to apply in different formats and templates.

Real-time progress

The online developments take in a secured environment, where clients can keep track of the projects through the development server. Followed by quality analysis and SEO test in the production phase, the final product is launched and closely monitored.

Post-launch activities

We don’t wrap up our engagements once we deliver the product. The agency is widely available to resolve any issue that may crop up. In fact, we monitor the performance on pre-defined intervals.

Founder & CEO

Tirthankar Dey


Sutapa Dey


Balaji S.

Project Manager & Sr. Designer

Uday Biswas

Project Manager & Web Developer

Krishnendu Mall

Resource Manager

Amar Nath

Head Creative & Content

Debashis Kar

Client Support & Digital Marketing

Sanjay Addya

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