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Envisage is a group company that transports goods from one point to another. The brand exercises safe transportation of goods through different means from and to different locations. It provides global and professional services through air, water, and road with the help of various agents throughout the world. Envisage is also a member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) organization. It delivers to the clients of over 60 countries and expanding worldwide with export and import full load or consolidation (including Temperature Controlled Containers) for extra special commodities like Pharmaceuticals & perishable Items. The brand also engages to Door to Door Services through European and Global Network. Here, the brand sought for the creative agency Net Dunes to develop the online platform its official website, where it can communicate with the stakeholders seamlessly worldwide.

Power of Human Imagination

To manage a critical and dynamic business it is quintessential to develop a platform that can connect the stakeholders at any place swimmingly. To achieve this requirement the brand has partnered with Net Dunes to develop an online platform as their online podium to their business.

Engineering a New Tomorrow

To solve this problem Envisage has sought the professional services of Net Dunes to develop the online platform website to connect stakeholders across the world. On this platform, the agents and the clients can come together. In the age of the internet and smartphones, one can communicate from any part of the world seamlessly. The platform defines its services through road, water, and air services. It defines several tools of shipping too so that the clients deal and make an informed decision. Here, one can track the shipment while the order is on.

Developed to Contribute

  • Net Dunes has developed the online platform for the brand Envisage to manage its business through its official website.
  • After the development of the website the brand has operated its business more efficiently throughout the world.
  • Net Dunes has given the users a platform for a long term partnership through different tools.

Interactive Design & Website


May 13, 2021

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