Meet Pensol

Pensol was started as a grease manufacturing company but eventually, it expanded as Monoutility Grease as Pensol. It has more than 150 lubricant solutions and is one of the largest manufacturers in India. The product is the core strength of the company. The company follows the technological breakthrough and marketing approach. The same can be seen in their logistics and product packaging.

Power of Human Imagination

The company has approached the creative agency Net Dunes to design packaging of a product for its target audience.

Engineering a New Tomorrow

Net Dunes has designed the packaging is designed to attract the target audience of the particular products and let them take an informed decision before they buy the product. It also informs on how to protect and preserve the product and what is the expiry life. The design breaths the air of life in the packaging as it is catchy and vibrant for the dynamic populace.

Developed to Contribute

  • Net Dunes has designed the packaging of the products of Pensol to attract the target audience to it amongst many other products.
  • The packaging has made the buyers more aware of the product with the product information.
  • This has increasingly psychologically captured the target audience as the packaging reflecting the dynamism their mental space.

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February 1, 2021

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