IFR Information Dissemination Services Pvt. Ltd.

IFR Information Dissemination Services Pvt. Ltd.
Disseminating the necessary information

IFR Information Dissemination Services Pvt. Ltd. is an Indo-German initiative, which works in cooperation with ERP. It is committed to serving the civil society of the country in real-time. The basic tool to tender this service is Long Wave Radio (LWR) based on National Center of Dissemination, NCD, and LWR technology. The company is all set to serve the nation with the element that is strong to solve the importance of public information. The whole information system can be controlled layer-wise. The moderators can decide the amount of information and its flow in society. Still, the company wants the general mass to know the power of this service.

Levels of spreading news

The idea to offer the solutions to the society need the recognition of the company. This will establish its brand identity that helps the band to gain the recall value in the market of plenty. Further, the company wants to spread information about its services throughout the country. They needed something where services are explained in words and pictures. As one picture tells a thousand stories, the company wants to explain its services through pictures and diagrams too. It is important to introduce a picture to understand the processes as the technology is quite new and uncommon in use.

Collateral benefits

Since the company is introducing a one-of-a-kind service to the society it needs a strong and easy-to-understand brand identity, for which the creative partner DUNZ has developed a logo that is easily understood and creates an image of the company and its services. As the concern is operating on the mass level, various stakeholders are operating from various layers from the superstructure of this system, the concerned sides felt the need for a common platform where all the stakeholders come together and work. To overcome this hindrance the agency has created an official website to address the issues. Now, as the company plans to work at a mass scale where the availability and literacy of the internet among the commoners is at the lower side the company decided to spread information through the offline brochure. The agency helps the concern to design and collaborate the same.

Enhanced living through change of guard

  • The logo developed by the agency has made the brand popular in its category as the image has been enhanced in peoples’ mind.
  • The website helps the stakeholders to come close communicate uninterrupted.
  • The brochures have enabled the offline mass to build awareness about the services and engage at their level.

Branding & Identity


June 17, 2020

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