Bullbirth Capital

Bullbirth Capital
Bridging the financial gap

Bullbirth Capital is a financial company that provides loans to various institutions and individuals to bridge up the financial gap. The company has various reasons why people should opt for it. With the expansion in portfolio, the company expanded its footsteps in the country. Along with the mundane works the company also strives to educate the people through different Media. To promote the doings of the company and what it is thinking about the people with its services, it has lean towards the new Media to acquire new markets and people.

Spreading the knowledge in the right direction

The idea was to establish the brand identity of the concern, which gives the force to identify the company and its services in the society. As the identity in place, the number of stakeholders will increase with its workload. For this, the company requires a platform where all its stakeholders can meet and communicate. As the company thinking to float new schemes and services for its customers, the effort is needed to be heard intensively. The company also plans to reach for the customer in the traditional way, leaving no chance to the markets miss the communication. The company also wants to engage its customers and potential customers with financial knowledge.

Tools to reach out

As the creative partner DUNZ has developed the logo as the brand identity of Bullbirth Capital, which has helped the company to establish itself in the crowd. This has helped the brand to build up a recall value uniformly in all its marketing collateral. To build a platform for the company stakeholder to communicate seamlessly, the agency has developed the official website, equipped with the information required for every potential customer or regular customer. The company treated the website as the hub where it displays the Social Tools and the viewers can have access to the campaigns to viral their promotional materials. Also, to capture the customers through the traditional medias the agency has helped the company with creating advertisements. As the company also wants to engage the viewers with different and related topics, the agency has helped created micro-videos for the company to spread knowledge.

Harvesting from the engine of growth

  • DUNZ has developed the logo of the company improving the brand identity.
  • The agency has developed the website for the stakeholders to communicate seamlessly.
  • The social media posts have intensified the brand promotion while the videos created maximum customer engagement.

Video & Animation


December 14, 2020

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