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It is comparatively easy to nurse the physical wounds of a person, but many are lurking in our society with mental challenges. For this, it is quintessential for the trained mental caregivers to come in the forefront to take care of the society and its challenges at their own capacity. West Bengal Forum For Mental Health (WBFMH) is the brainchild of city’s eminent academia, social activists and caregivers. It is mainly the podium of the caregivers that is the parents and relatives of mentally ill patients. It is a platform for all the stakeholders to work in an integrated way to brave the challenges of society.




West Bengal Forum for Mental Health Website Mockup

Power of Human Imagination

It is the idea to develop a platform for WBFMH to support the endeavour of bringing the state of the mental health in the foreground and the policies with the implementation of the state government level to address its challenges collectively.


Engineering a New Tomorrow

Net Dunes has developed a website platform for WBFMH, a leap for its organization to connect the patients and government to solve the issues in hand and for a long term developmental effect without others’ involvement. One can both textually and visually understand the activities of the organization. The platform has been developed in a way that both the beneficiary and benefactor of the services and the government for the collective effort can avail the services of the organization and also contribute to the effort of building a sound society. There are several forums to engage for different stakeholders to change the cognitive picture of the state.


Developed to Contribute

  • The website platform built by Net Dunes for WBFMH has brought the stakeholders closer while understanding the aim and services of the organization.
  • The caregiver and the patients have started taking an informed decision about the mental challenges of the state.
  • Net Dunes has strategized forums on the platform with interactive design, where the stakeholders have come closer to solve the problem of mental health and treat it as a tool to communicate the concerns located in the remote coordinates.

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