Admiring Sonnets on the Stones

Blessed with 5 natural quarries and 6 factories with one being in India, SKYZ Stones is an EXIM house of the verity of stones all over the world. With a dedicated team of over 250 minds, the brand is venturing in various meadows of nature to curve out the precious stones to bedeck the marvels of the designers, architecture, home dwellers, and estate developers all over the world. With its personality, expertise, and experience of over decades, the concern has spread its flag in the Americas, the UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia of course. It has been also rated as Star Export House by the Government of India.




An Identity for the Stones

With more quarries and factories SKYZ Stones has identified its purpose, and particularly what to look for from the stones, and where all they can contribute with their expertise. But, to do all these and stand out in the crowd, the concern needs a name first. The company also used its expertise and experiments to create marvels on the rugged stones. As the company expanded, its facts and information too, needed collateral to spread out.


Leaving a Mark on the Stone

As the creative partner DUNZ has named it SKYZ Stones and built a logo with a diamond shape inward and overlapping shapes of double “S” to recognize. The agency also created brochures to disseminate facts and information about different types of processing in different forms and more.


Coming of the Edges

  • DUNZ has given the concern its name, using which it does its business and stand out in the crowd.
  • The agency has given the visual metaphor for the sonnets in stones and all the expressive work it does with stones. The diamond shape and the embossed “S” reflect the name and the premium brand quality.
  • Through the brochure, it spread the detailed information about the products and the company to the stakeholders across the world, which can boost the business manifold.

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