Good Taste for Mouths

Since its inception in 1990, the company has expanded its base in the food ingredients and food processing industry. Today it is a trusted name. In doing so, it has covered many milestones, where it participated in food exhibitions, shows, and contracts and partnered with technology platforms to boost the business. This increased the need for production lines, quality standards, workforce, and seamless internal communication, and robust communication with the suppliers. Shree Additives now aims for a scientific and innovative milieu for maximum customer engagement through their satisfaction and safety standards of the products.





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The concern has a clear goal to hike product standard value, get the entire team together on the same page, get a clear identity of the brand and add to the science of logistics. To achieve these the agency needs to create a website to communicate with the stakeholders. A logical logo can give the brand a clear identity. And a seasoned packaging technique can add to the logistic activities.


Adding Feathers to Take a Flight

DUNZ, as the creative partner of Shree Additives, added certain collaterals to bolster the manufacturing standard and maximum customer engagement. Firstly, the agency has pondered the brand identity of the company. In doing so it has developed the logo of the company, where it is taking a flight of improvement and the fingers are choosing the hand-picked that is best for the customers. It is a combination of innovation and science. To bring the stakeholders on the same page and to communicate seamlessly the agency has built a user-friendly website. To stand by the logistics, increase the shelf life, and shout out in the crowd, the agency has developed packaging of the products of this company.


Communicating with Innovation

  • DUNZ has developed the logo of this company which has established its brand identity while it’s improving the product standard.
  • The agency has developed its official website to let the stakeholders take part seamlessly from anywhere, anytime.
  • Through packaging the agency has bolstered the science of logistics and customer engagement.

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