Meet Minder Institute

Minder is an institute that takes care of humanity by nursing the ailments and providing a platform to the seekers of the lives as caregivers through its meticulous courses that assure a promising career after the completion in West Bengal without any inter-state immigration, thus, stopping the brain drain of the state. It is that platform, where like-minded people can come together, where the institute can take care of their aspirations and turn them into reality with its pragmatic approaches. Apart from the website the agency has tackled the Marketing Collaterals and Reception & Wall Mounts along with the Logo.




Nurse holding Minder Institute Logo
Minder Institute Logo
Minder Institute Logo 3D
Nurse holding Minder Institute Logo

Power of Human Imagination

Net Dunes has made an integrated approach to Minder Institute where the agency has built the face that is the logo of the brand along with the Above & Below the Line Communication materials and a website to connect the stakeholders over the net, without any middleman and seamlessly.


Engineering a New Tomorrow

As an agency, Net Dunes has developed the main identity of the brand that is the Logo and website, the online platform to connect to its stakeholders. Further, it also developed the Marketing Collaterals and Reception & Wall Mounts. Coming back to the logo, it has been developed on a white background to reflect peace, cleanliness, positivity, and purity. Here, the hands reflect the caring attitude with the face of a nurse to put emphasis on the profession. The logotype is in the colour blue, as it appeals to the mind as peaceful, tranquil, secured, and ordered. The agency also built the online platform of the institute, whose idea has been conceived by the professionals in the nursing field to actualise the dream of the skilled youth of our nation in the meadows of nursing.

Minder Institute Logo
Minder Institute Logo 3D

Developed to Contribute

    • Parity has been set in Marketing Collaterals to promote the brand identity and standardisation.
    • It has developed an online platform to connect the stakeholders even in remote areas through the internet.

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