Building Trust Brick by Brick

MACJ – A Buyer’s Choice is a real estate end-to-end inspection company that has already held its ground in the USA and many countries in Europe, and finally it’s here in India to render its services. From damp to seepage to electricity issues, the company is committed to resolving any problem through its complete property or home care solutions to produce a win-win situation. To attain the premium quality result, the company is investing in the latest technology, specialized tools, trained professionals, software-driven reports, and value-added services. It is also reaching out to more clients and franchises in new lands.






Building Bases for the Right People

The entity wants to develop an identity for the concern and the types of work. It requires a brand identity, which reflects the essence of its services. As it expands its services to different places and routinely updating it, MACJ – A Buyer’s Choice needs a single platform to communicate with the stakeholders, inviting the helping hands and publishing timely news and offerings from the company. Apart from this, all these activities need to be promoted with hammering tactics and comparatively low on budget. The company is also giving stress to the contemporary communication pattern, where people want to read less to communicate.


Joining the Dots

To develop an identity in the market with plenty the creative partner DUNZ created a logo for MACJ – A Buyer’s Choice that reflects the services and the intends of the company. The agency also developed an official website, where all the stakeholders come together and communicate to take work to the next level. When so much is going around, it is futile if the company doesn’t promote it, the plans, or the ongoing campaigns. To do so the agency devised campaigns using social media. While doing so, the agency hasn’t missed the present communicating pattern, for which it developed Micro Videos where people involved will get the message with expression and in totality through any digital device.


Protecting People & Spaces

    • DUNZ has developed the logo of this company to get the image of the brand identity while improving the service standard.
    • The agency has created the official website where the stakeholders can communicate seamlessly from anywhere, anytime.
    • Through social media activities the agency has bolstered the brand image and promotion, and created micro-videos achieving maximum customer engagement.

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