Medical Store Logo

Briefing of this Medical Store Logo Design

Our job was to design a logo for a┬áMedicine Store which will be going Pan India within a time span of 5 years. Hardly anybody give so much stress for a medical store logo as itself any medical store always runs well on it’s own.Starting right from Ranchi, Jharkhand with a single store – the owner Mr.Hrishikhesh have given a brief of single line. The line says “We will be dealing with betterment of health for all our customers – so we need to be vigilant in our stores, we must have the right medicine stock and we must deliver across 10km radius minimum”. The name he has suggested was itself quite high profile “Dr’s Choice”.

Our Approach towards this Medical Store Logo

Right from there we have taken this medical store logo project forward with one view that the store need to be branded with a concept of mandatory choice for it’s customer, that the customer might have a notion that even if they don’t consult a doctor they can approach this store for proper medical guidance. So, we looked for the most promptness symbol/ concept of medical science and came across this single thin line which decides the life and death of a person. So the ECG (Electrocardiography) line was implemented within the letter “D” in such a way so that it shows the promptness of response and how lively this brand can be. The blue colour was given to depict the calmness to handle any critical situation the patient or their family is going through.

This medical store logo has really come out well and Mr. Hrishikhesh was really happy with the mileage created by this logo from his Store Signages. The project for this Medical Store Logo was quite challenging for us and it was really handled by our visualiser and design team. Cheers for our Team Net Dunes.