Business stationery in branding

business stationery

Business stationery has all along played a silent but very active part in branding of a product/ service/ person/ facility or for that matter anything which has been marketed. I write ‘silent’ as if it is too ‘loud’ or aggressive then it stands chances of outright rejection. Those who pay minute attention to every detail of their products’ branding know the extent to which business stationery can help in giving the right image of  professionalism  and credibility to their prospective and also existing clients.

Let us try to understand what exactly ‘business stationery’ comprises of and how it helps in branding.  Business stationery can be anything from your business card to a fridge magnet which has your company’s logo/name  and might have been  given out as a freebie at a conference. A well designed logo plays an important role here as it is one of the most consistent features of any business stationery . Usually companies have their logos and some additional info on business cards, letterheads, envelopes, promotional coupons, receipts and envelopes.   This can extend to pens, pencils,  compliment slips, brochures,folders, roller stands, contract proposals, quotes and estimates, letters of recommendation, thanks and apology and more. Everytime you are sending out one of these , you are promoting your business and increasing chances of prospective business.

Most of us have at one point in a business meeting or sales conference or for that matter any professional gathering been given business cards .Which ones did you keep? The plain innocuous ones or the nicely designed one? The latter, in most cases. Those who want to give the message of professionalism and credibility to their clients will  always give extra care   and thought  to the look  and what should go into their stationery to indirectly become an extension of their branding . As has already been mentioned a well designed logo  always plays an important role in being part of any business stationery. Good branding also ensures that necessary company information like its contact details, motto etc. is also visible to make a mark in the minds of the end receiver. Stationery like pen, pencil, notepads etc. might have multiple users and can translate into more than one future client. A well designed piece of stationery can go a long way for a long time just like a badly done one can land up in the trash bin, within seconds !

Going with the precise approach of subtle branding , business stationery at some point or  other is always  doing the following:

- Projecting  the company’s image in a professional and positive way.

- Important part of face to face networking.

- It is unique to the company with a distinct, memorable  logo and other suitably placed relevant information .

Business stationery is  the ambassador of a company. Tastefully designed, carefully planned and thoughtfully promoted… plays a key role in the permanent success  of any branding endeavor.


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