How to choose the best logo designer?


Logo is the signature of a brand in a nutshell. A key element of a company’s marketing and branding endeavor, it is imperative that it should make a mark on its own by reflecting the business and communicating its message. It should be simple at the same time unique and definitely memorable. Now the Question…how to choose the best logo designer for such a logo?

Five important points to keep in mind while choosing the ‘best logo designer’ for your brand:

1. Who has the best portfolio…

While going through the portfolio, make sure you are not giving preference to quantity over quality. Go for the one who has the best style suited to your product and thus can do justice to its logo visualization. If need be, look for testimonials of the clients of his best logos.

2. Cost…

Cost of a logo is something which is to be decided upon mutually after detailed discussion between the client and the designer. Client has to communicate clearly what kind of and form of and modes of logo he wants and designer has to understand that and come up with matching suggestions with a suitable budget. Some of the best logo designers take the help of a questionnaire to get an idea as to what the client wants. Choose the one who you think understands your need the best.

3. Communication…

How effectively is the prospective designer communicating? It is important that you are made aware of and part of each and every step of the designing process. The best logo designers thrive on transparency and clarity at all levels of the logo designing process. In today’s technologically advanced world, it is very easy to keep in touch. Before any monetary transaction happens make sure to check with the designer his availability, especially if he is in a different time zone.

4. A long relationship…

It makes sense to choose the designer who can assist you on other projects too for the same brand they have designed the logo for like designing a brochure, flyer, stationeries etc.

5. Time frame of the logo….

Once the brief has been understood and its commensurate compensation agreed upon, understand how much time the designer will take to deliver. Designing a logo is not a ‘rush’ job. The best logos take time to be visualized and then put on paper. Make sure you are not being fooled into believing that it will be done in a jiffy as it cannot be and should not be.

To sum up the above, go for the designer who has the best diverse logo portfolio, comes across as a professional, shows willingness to listen to you and understand your needs, gives you a reasonable budget and has a proper contract with you with a committed date of delivery etc.

Logo of a product/ service is usually a lifetime choice. Choosing the right and the best logo designer for that is thus very important.

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Sanchita Datta


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